Explore New York with perfect stayz vacation rentals

Every person in this wide-wide world fantasizes about traveling the city of dreams on East Coast. Did you also, always wanted to visit New York city? Well, we did. And it took us years to finally make it happen. But we did it in style with a perfect stayz vacation rental.

With the largest directory of New York vacation rentals, perfect stayz enforces rigorous authentication of all property listings on its domain. We booked a beautiful condominium directly with the owner and without paying any service fee, a 2 bed 2 bath terrace entry vacation rental and it had a hell of a view. Dinner with the locals, drinks at the local brewery, the neighborhood cafe for sipping the morning espresso perched under the sun, and rode the subway like a couple of pros.

While experiencing the big city with some Yankee fans (all thanks to our property owner), we felt at home in New York. Snapping photos of the Statue of Liberty, its skyscrapers, the streets of Manhattan or the raging bull on Wall Street! Leisurely strolls along the banks of the East River in DUMBO, walks around Williamsburg with a latte, and the usual hot dog from Coney Island.

Perfect stayz vacation rental made us feel like home and saved us tons of monies. Prepped our meals with utmost of comforts, clean warm beds and all kinds of snacks and amenities serviced by owner. Visit perfect stayz new york vacation rentals, book directly and without any service fees.

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