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Guidelines on how to list your property for best results?

Please remember, we have designed this website after careful study of the market and experience, as updated your listing is, the more comfortable travelers will feel to inquire and ultimately book your vacation rental home.

  • You must complete our profile information. The following information must be complete and accurate: Your photo, complete name, address, phone number and valid email address.
  • You must upload at least 24 recent and good quality photos with proper caption.
  • Your property headline shows up at the top of your listing and in the title for all search results. Because your property's headline is your first chance to grab guest's attention, make it as specific as possible. This also affects the search results. Do not exceed 60 characters for your headline.
  • Your property availability calendar is regularly updated. Many travelers plan their vacations around work and school holidays, which can make their timing inflexible.
  • First 100-word summary of your vacation property is what matters the most. Make sure it paints a clear picture of your home and all the extras it offers.
  • Each vacation rental listing description has (2-3 keywords) rich content and should represent only one vacation home. Multiples property information in one listing is not allowed and will be removed.
  • Select the best and closest region, destination for your property.
  • You should upload recent photographs of the property with date embossed on them.
  • A thumbnail photo of your vacation home also shows up on all the search result pages and at the top of your listing. Be sure to select the best photo that beats your competitors.
  • Your listing must provide accurate information about the vacation property.
  • Travelers look for a property that is close to their interest or specific attraction. In your description, instead of writing "near tourist attractions, golf, and beach," mention the exact distance from the home to nearby attractions.
  • Most travelers search with a certain budget and price range in their mind. Make sure you update your prices regularly and mention your prices clearly and they're easy to find in your listing.
  • Clearly mention size of your property, bedrooms, baths and maximum number of guests it can accommodate. Everyone wants to know about your bedroom setup as well as the seating availability in your living and dining area
  • Most travelers prefer to read the amenities rather than reading the property summary. On your listing, it's easy to check off boxes to show travelers which amenities are included and additional information about other amenities on offer.
  • Your guests can leave reviews about your home using the write review system. Featuring these reviews can make a huge difference. Guests are more likely to select a holiday home that several past guests have recommended.

What is

One stop solution for worldwide travelers and owners to make their rental experience a memorable one. along with its large network of websites is a web directory services for the vacation rental owners. makes it easy for travelers to find vacation home rentals of their choice in favorite destination, bedrooms, amenities, rates, property type and much more. PerfectStayz allows you to advertise and rent holiday home property direct by the owner. PerfectStayz is run by experienced team catering exclusively to holiday rental property owners from over 5 years. PerfectStayz provides the most reliable, inexpensive method for rental property owners and rental managers to expose privately owned vacation homes, condos, cabins, villa and other vacation properties to the vacation seekers.

How long has in business?

We have over 10 years of exclusive experience in serving vacation rental owners and has been online since 2014.

Does also take bookings? Do you rent or manage any vacation rentals on behalf of the owners?

Owners :- is an online advertising directory of vacation rentals by owners. All the properties listed here are owned or managed by their individual owner or property manager.

Renters :- You are fully responsible for paying to the property owner (or its authorized manager) all rent, fees and other amounts owed by you in connection with your rental of any property listed on the Site. If your selected payment method is via credit card, you agree that upon accepting these Terms of Use, the credit card related to the credit card information submitted by you for payment will be charged for the full cost of the payment.

How can I pay to sign up?

We accept all forms of payment, credit card, debit card, Paypal etc. through our secured payment processor Stripe. We don't take down your credit card numbers over the phone. We don't store your financial information for automatic renewal or any other purpose and for your security.

What is the cost to advertise my vacation rental on

Our annual listing membership fee starts at $199.00 to $299. There are no additional fees or commissions charged on any bookings generated from the website.

What are the additional fees or commissions charged on bookings?

Your annual membership fee includes the entire setup of your vacation rental listing and we do not charge any commissions on any of the bookings generated from your listing.

Do you offer any discount for multiple vacation rental properties?

We are happy to offer a discount to vacation rental owners who advertise 5 or more properties. Please call your account manager or our customer support.

What forms of payment does accept?

We accept all forms of credit and debit cards be it Visa, Master, Discover, Amex or PayPal for your convenience. does not recommend paying for your vacation rental membership package via Western Union or MoneyGram or any other cash service. understands the criticality of your financial information thus we do NOT store or have access to your Credit Card or other financial details. Neither the company nor its representatives / associates / partners are authorized to ask or collect any Credit Card information for any purposes.

What happens after my subscription period is over? DO you follow AUTO RENEW policy?

We do NOT believe in auto RENEWALS, and you have no obligation to renew unless you are happy with our performance during your subscription period. We may contact you to remind about your subscription expiration 2- 4 weeks in advance.

Does have any trial offer or shorter term listings?

No. Currently we offer 1 year listing memberships.

What is your refund policy? uses most secured payments through Stripe which accepts Visa , Mastercard, American Express, e-Check and direct Paypal transfers.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you wish to cancel your membership within 7 days of your signup date, a full refund will be issued to your credit card or Stripe account.

Refunds after 7 days With Good Reason: Refunds after the 7 day guarantee period are not guaranteed and will only be honoured when good reason is supplied by the customer. Our goal is to be a customer focused company with a vision to 'Continuously exceed the increasing expectation of the customers' , so we'll listen to your reason and come to a working solution to keep the customer happy if a refund is requested after the 7 day money back guarantee.

You can contact our office by email to

How do I upload my property photos?

There are several ways to get your photos posted on

Upload them from your Owner Dashboard. Simply login into Owner's Dashboard with your email address and password information you used at the time of registration. You can easily add up to Twenty photos to your vacation home rental listing photos anytime of the day. Additionally, you can add titles and captions to your photos and set your main photo that will be displayed on search results pages.

E-mail us. Simply attach your photos (zip folder) and e-mail them to us at Be sure to use the same email that you used at the time of registration and mention your name and holiday rental listing ID so we know where to post your photos. Your photos will be added to your vacation rental within 24 hours.

Give us your personal website link. If your photos are located on you personal website simply send us the details. We will upload the photos to your holiday home rental listings for you within 24 hours. Please note that we do not use any other commercial / competitors website for taking your photos or any other details.

Can I make changes to my vacation rental listing after submission?

You can update/edit your entire rental listing including photos anytime. As soon as you update or edit any information through Owner's dashboard. Click here to login. Your changes are updated to your holiday home rental listing immediately.

Guidelines for listing of property

  • Please write the short paragraphs of about 500 words which best describes your property, amenities, attraction and location.
  • First 150 words are very important to find your property on the search results, be sure to include 2-3 main keywords with property location in the first paragraph.
  • No third party links, personal website address, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers anywhere in the property details other than the specified place.
  • No content which is deemed to be offensive, rude, violent, abusive, erotic or socially unacceptable and inappropriate in nature.
  • reserves the right to rewrite your property content for better results and search engine visibility.
  • may add links in your property description for best results.
  • reserves the right to alter, exclude, reject part or in whole, any information in the vacation rental listing supplied by the owners. After submitting information to it becomes the copyrighted property of and unauthorized copying or use of such information is prohibited.
  • reserves the right to terminate service without refund to any Owner at any time if any fraud is reported by renters, government authorities, or website users.
  • reserves the right to remove any vacation home rental at its discretion and cancel service without notice. Vacation Rental Owners and Agents are expected to follow our above listing policies. Listings which do not adhere to these policies are subject to cancellation at the sole discretion of staff. No refund will be issued for such cancelled listings.

How much time does it take to add my vacation home rental property details?

Adding your vacation rental cannot be simple! The listing process takes about 10-15 minutes to complete depending upon the content availability with you and internet connection speed.

When will my listing be made online?

As you add the property details, our process is quick and instant. However we do audit each listing from time to time and if we find any compliance we reserve the right to offline your property and contact you regarding the same.

How does this Work?

At Perfect Stats, interested travellers will contact you via email or by phone. The mail address is not published on the rental listing by default. The traveler simply has to fill up the contact form, and this will send you will all the renter information including enquired dates in an email.

How long has in business?

The digital platform Perfect Stayz dot com was started back in 2014. However, our experienced team and visionary founders have been serving the vacation rental industry for the past two decades now.

How can I pay to sign up?

Setting up a listing web page is ridiculously easy at Perfect Stayz. The payment for the same, the subscription packages can be made in the form of credit card, debit card, Paypal etc. All payments on our portal are secured through the safest payment processors. As a salient expression of ethical business, we don't store any of your financial information, be it card information, nor do entertain automatic renewal for rental listings.

How do I upload my property photos?

There are several ways to get your photos posted on For instance, you can upload them once you’re logged into the owner profile, directly from the ‘Owner Dashboard.’ Simply login into Owner's Dashboard, upload a good amount (20) photos to your vacation home rental listing, include catchy titles and captions to the photos and also ensure that you select one as the main picture that will be displayed on search results pages. Alternatively, you could let us upload your photos by emailing us the link from your private rental site or any other rental listing web page.

Can I make changes to my vacation rental listing after submission?

Yes most certainly, you are free to modify and change the rental listing information as much as you’d like. Update/edit your entire rental listing information including photos from the Owner's dashboard. The new changes are updated and reflected to your rental listing immediately.

How do you promote the rental units?

A successful rental owner knows the importance of good marketing, and we at Perfect Stayz perform marketing activities over a number of platforms. This includes a lot of search engine optimization, keyword management, targeted advertising, social media marketing etcetera. Our portal perfectstayz is promoted and marketed for at the most competitive searches and keywords from the industry. Further, a big chunk from the subscription earnings is invested directly into marketing and advertising rental listings around the world.

How do I manage my Perfect Stayz account.

After successfully logging into Perfect Stayz with your account credentials, you can make as many changes to your account as you’d like. For creating an account, you are free to choose any username of your liking, along with other important details. The rental owner listing interface at Perfect Stayz is one of the most easiest to maneuver and make relevant changes in no time!

Is there any way to protect me from fake enquiries?

Our Technically backed IT Team keeps track of the IP addresses of incoming enquiries, and this is a pretty solid way of determining whether its a fake or authentic booking enquiry. However, you as a rental owner must also stay vigil and be able to spot the fake ones with the help of following tis -

  • Booking request emails with Grammatically incorrect English Should Be Handled With Care and utmost caution.
  • Emails requesting you to deposit money or any other things related to a bank transfer ought to be reported back to us instantly.
  • Booking enquiries that haven't exactly asked for your phone numbers even after a engaging in a couple of conversations are sure to be red flagged.

Does Perfect Stayz owns or rents properties directly?

Not at the moment. Perfect Stayz is basically a service that allows vacation rental property owners and managers to advertise their units online, and it also helps potential travelers to find a vacation rental property of their liking. Our important task is that of bridging the gap between rental unit operators and travelers, and facilitating a booking through our rental interface and contact information provided on each web page.

Should I just focus on properties rented through a property manager versus an owner?

It all comes down to the specific advantages and benefits as articulated under each type of property. Though at Perfect Stayz, we solemnly recommend rental units operated by both vacation rental owners and property managers. To present an illustration of specific advantages from each, vacation rental owners tend to use their properties a lot themselves that in turn makes their home cosily furnished, better equipped and thoroughly maintained. On the other hand, Property managers typically operate numerous properties in the region, have fixed office hours for communication and local offices that offer convenience.

Are the rental prices fixed or are they negotiable?

This actually depends upon the vacation rental owners. Most rental owners and managers tend to be flexible with their pricing during certain times of the year. Some rental listings on Perfect Stayz even advertise discounts or operate using a seasonal rate schedule. So as a rule for travelers, a slight bit of negotiation in pricing might be possible, but don't expect any rental operator to drastically reduce the asking price as compared to the advertised ones. Surely a potential red flag! From the rental owners POV, off-season (diminished) revenues are not always targeted by them and hence they dont often rent out properties, lest they incur any damages. Contrary to this, asking for a discount during peak season week or Holiday weekend seldom leads to any reductions in price.

How does Prefect Stayz saves me money?

Unlike the major, mainstream rental listing sites such as VRBO and Homeaway, we help travelers save money by connecting them directly with the rental source. This allows them to book directly, and avoid mark-ups that happen because of online service fees and commissions.

Can I call the owner before booking?

Yes, there is a possibility for that if the phone number is provided and that you’re pretty confident about making reservations with the rental unit.

Do you have homes all over?

Absolutely, we have homes not only all over the US but internationally as well. Perfect Stayz is in the process of listing rental homes and connecting them with potential travelers from around the world.