A Cozy Apartment with Garden Near Marina Cardedu

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  •  Type: Apartment
  •  Beds: 2
  •  Baths: 1
  •  Sleeps: 4


This is perfect place to enjoy a truly relaxing holiday and is an excellent base for exploring the delights of Ogliastra. This is a former stone apartment that has been converted into a vacation rental.

The apartment offers charming accommodation for up to four people. You will find two beautifully and authentically appointed bedrooms. One have queen-size beds and one have twin beds which can be joined to form queen-size beds, where desired.

Be tempted by the breathtaking dining room with coved ceilings from which you will enjoy your Ogliastra feasts. Or enter a huge modern eat-in kitchen with all the appliances and tools necessary to prepare delicious Italian cuisine.

The original, authentic rustic style has been preserved everywhere, adding a touch of essential, deliberately moderate elegance to both exteriors and interiors and the necessary modern comforts such as broadband internet connection, central heating.

The apartment is the ideal place to hold the celebration that follows the wedding ceremony and celebrations here are much appreciated for their essential, refined, ‘country-style’ elegance.

The vacation rental rates $575 per week. Until verified, rates are subject to change without notice.

Owner info


  • Gianni

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms: Within 7 days after receiving our confirmation on your booking request you have to pay 30% of the total rent deposit. On arrival at your vacation home, the balance due has to be paid to the owner.

Cancellation: Cancellation 9 months to three weeks time before arriving 30% of the total rent payable. If canceled less than the above term is 50% of the total rent payable.

Regarding a withdrawal of your booking in case of serious illness, we can make an agreement that only 15% of the total amount will be paid from your side. Although when demonstrable with an authentic and signed medical certificate (no copies), which can be sent to us for further verification.

About Location

Why it is Famous ?

Blue, sea blue, turquoise, green and even gold. Hot if rippled by the Ponente wind, cold if the Mistral is at work, warm if the sirocco swirls. The sea of Sardinia, with its clean, crystalline waters, is the most sought after destination for those who wish to lose themselves amidst the charming light-blue colours and the fresh scents of its saltiness. The sea of Sardinia, with its transparent waters, contours the island perimeter, consigning it to the myth of paradise-like lands. Once touched by Phoenician boats, today by powerful speedboats moored at the many tourist ports, the sea of Sardinia caresses the beach sand or assails it during stormy days, insinuates among grottos and coves, gets touched by edges of eroded rocks, to be suddenly dominated by overhanging high cliffs. The sea of Sardinia contains a world rich in life and beauty: it is the reign of the monk seal, the Bue Marino, it is inhabited by a numberless variety of fish, shellfish, mussels, and cetaceans, that are a wonder for the numerous divers and a sublime dish for the many food lovers. In the protected marine areas, the glittering colours of Sardiniaâs uncontaminated nature both enchant and seduce: from the red rubin of Algheroâs coral to the white-hot platinum of Alicia mirabilis, sparkling at night in the depth of Tavolaraâs waters. The sea of Sardinia, heart of the Mediterranean, beats incessantly among its palette of shades.

Facts About Destination

Ogliastra stretches from the high Flumendosa basin to the east side of the Gennargentu, and looks over the Tyrrhenian Sea with a high, rocky and spectacularly beautiful coastline. It also includes, at its southernmost boundary, part of the area that historically was part of the marquisate of Quirra. Well aware of the importance of safeguarding this area, the Region and the Comunes have invested in reforestation and developing the forests for walks where you can discover the area\'s natural and archaeological heritage. Ogliastra has a great variety of coastal scenery. In the north, overhanging limestone cliffs are punctuated by quiet sandy bays, such as the famous Cala Goloritzè, reachable only on foot or by boat: Ogliastra is the perfect place for trekking. Further south, at Arbatax, Tortolì and Gairo, broad sandy beaches such as Cea, San Gemiliano, Orrì, and Musculedda alternate with rocks of red porphyry, granite or Coccorocci\'s unusual black beach. Ogliastra is one of those marvellous places in which, between the mountains and the sea, you discover a different view around each corner.

Area Information

Dotted along the coastline of Sardinia, the protected marine areas are under the governance of the natural heritage trust, numbering among the European sites of natural beauty and keeping an unaltered ecosystem to be explored and discovered. Among these marine areas, of particular interest is that of Capocaccia, Isola Piana, which extends along the coast of the Alghero area, in the north-west of the region, dominated by this huge limestone peninsula of Capocaccia, that joins the coast from Punta Cristallo to Capo Galera, overlooking a sea of rare transparency. The area of the Sinis peninsula, in the Oristano territory, offers a sequence of bright sandy beaches, white escarpments, and slivery reflections from the granite stones of the Island of Mal di Ventre. Whereas those who want to lose themselves in the midst of a wild and harsh nature, need look no further than the marine area of Orosei, on the east coast of the region, the ideal place with its multitude of caves and inlets. Heading southwards down the coast, we find the marine area of Capo Carbonara, at the south-east corner of Sardinia, where cliffs, promontories and well-served beaches alternate. The protected area of Tavolara extends to the north-west, not far from the Emerald Coast; here the area is dominated by the mighty isle of Tavolara, a huge limestone bastion, over 560 metres high, a Mecca not only for ramblers and climbers, but also for cinema buffs seeing as it is the site of an annual international festival. Cardedu was established after the flood at Gairo in 1951, at first part of Gairo and then, in 1984, it became a Comune in its own right. The Comune extends for 2000 hectares, with centuries-old woods with unique flora and fauna, forming an area of exceptional natural beauty around Monte Ferru (875 m amsl). Along the coast, there\'s a succession of sandy inlets, rocks, stones and red porphyry, to make a varied and unspoilt landscape. There aren\'t historic monuments, given the relatively recent formation of the comune, but there are archaeological sites, such as nuraghi, Domus de Janas, a sacred well (Su Presoneddu). As in the past, agriculture is an important sector, producing typical produce such as: oranges, peaches, grapes (and therefore wine), honey, cheese, casu e fitta, casu agedu and milk. The gastronomic specialities are culurgiones, gattò and amaretti.

How to reach

Sardinia is located in the centre of the Mediterranean and can be easily reached by air or sea. There are airports and harbours located all over the island. This section gives you useful information on how to reach Sardinia by air or sea: habours and airports, the routes and contacts details of air and ferry companies. You will also find information on how to reach the islands San Pietro, La Maddalena and Asinara.

Transport system

The beaches of Sardinia, running after one another in the almost 2000 kilometres of coast, sometime interrupted by rocky formations and port constructions, frame real paradise-like corners. They are places of incredible enchantment and captivating views of kaleidoscopian beauty. On the eastern side as on the western one, to the north as to the south, Sardinian coasts make a charming sequence of pastel blue waters alternating with the emerald sea, while candid shores give way to stretches of golden sand or to cliffs carved by time. The beaches of Sardinia may appear savage at times, and at times mundane, but nonetheless they create a special frame for a holiday in the island, a mosaic full of colours and unforgettable shades.


Frequently asked questions: Can you send me a list of hotels (farm holidays, bed and breakfasts, camping)? With the search engine \"Plan your holiday\", you can find an updated list of legally recognised facilities. Can you advise me which area to visit and which facilities to choose? The editorial office of Sardegnaturismo offers information that will help you to organise your holiday, but canât offer assistance in making your choice of location or with bookings. You can contact a travel agent for this purpose. Can you book accommodation for me? To book accommodation you need to contact the facilities directly. You can find the addresses with the search engine \"Plan your holiday\", selecting the preferred locality and type of facility. Can I bring my dog to the beach where I am planning my holiday? The governmental maritime laws prohibit any type of animal on the beach or in the water, even with a muzzle or leash. The exceptions are guide, salvation and guard dogs on a leash with the guardian of the beach establishment during their closing times. How can I obtain illustrative material about Sardinia? Illustrative material and publications from the Regione Sardinia are available for download in PDF format in the section âGuidesâ. The editorial office of Sardegnaturismo will be happy to send any type of tourism related information via email. I have a disability and I need further information to organise my holiday in Sardinia. You can find some information in the \"Tourism and disability\" section. For more information email us at this address: sardegnaturismo@regione.sardegna.it or call us on this number +39 070 6067226.


The Provincia Ogliastra provides a list of the restaurants and agriturismi in Ogliastra, comune by comune, and their contact details. Our objective is for you to try typical Ogliastra dishes which are based on meat, cheese and seafood, a cuisine of strong Mediterranean flavours, not particularly refined or elaborate but certainly genuine and tasty. Extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes are used in abundance, while the food contains little animal fat.

Best time to visit

February to November.



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Final cleaning fee is €50.

Included all linen and the energy costs.



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