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  •  Type: House
  •  Beds: 3
  •  Baths: 3.5
  •  Sleeps: 8


There are guest rooms available in Casa La Sirena. All guest rooms are air conditioned. There is a well equipped gym and swimming pool available for your use. One of the front salas is appointed as an air-conditioned entertainment room.

This suite has a balcony and a semi-private terrace. The balcony overlooks the pool and courtyard. The terrace has a lighted fountain and is positioned beneath the rotunda of The Cathedral of Granada. This is a perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon or evening drink. The bedroom is appointed with a beautiful 4 post bed, entertainment system which includes a flat panel television mounted perfectly for viewing from bed. The private bathroom is appointed with a large shower for two, a bidet, and all the fixtures one would expect to find in a luxury suite. Wireless internet is available throughout the home. The Master Suite is priced at $200 per night.

This suite has a beautiful view of The Cathedral of Granada though its operable windows. The private bathroom is appointed with a large shower, bidet and a view of the cathedral. The furniture is of fine Craftsman style and very high quality. The landing outside this suite provides a special area to enjoy a drink and the breeze . The Large Luxury Suite is priced at $120 per night.

Don't let the fact that this suite is the smallest cause you think it is anything other than gorgeous. This suite also has a private bath and is beautifully furnished. Though it is smaller and has less to offer than the other two suites, I would argue that all things considered, with the exception of the other two rooms in Casa La Sirena, is the nicer than any standard hotel room in Granada and is, of course, in one of the best locations in the city. The Small Luxury Suite is priced at $100 per night.

Owner info


Kirk Hankla

Additional Rate details

Master Suite: $200 per night.
Large Luxury Suite: $120 per night.
Luxury Suite: $100 per night.

Entire House is $300 per night.



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