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  •  Type: Cottage
  •  Beds: 1
  •  Baths: 1
  •  Sleeps: 4


Welcome to our  Lake Gaston home. We have been coming to \"our\" lake (as we like to think of it) for over 10 years.  For the first five years plus, the dozen or so of us Ernzens, including kids, grandkids, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, had been enjoying all that LG had to offer by renting many different properties scattered all around the lake.  We finally figured out what we like, ...and don\'t like,  ...and we believe you are about to benefit from all that trial and error.  We believe we have put together just the right package to make your lake vacation the best vacation you have ever had!  Our hope is you will come back and enjoy our home again and again... just like we do. When you\'re ready.

We are proud of our home and what it offers.  Hassle free fun is what we believe we offer you... because if a vacation\'s too much work for Mom or Dad, ain\'t no one having any fun !!!  If you don\'t find everything you would like for your stay at the lake, well... it is either illegal, immoral, we don\'t have the right zoning, or we can\'t afford the insurance payments!!  But leave us a note, you just might find it here next year.  We think we offer, dollar for dollar, the best value anywhere in the area.  Unlike a lot of places you may have rented, we actually try our best to take care of our place and have it in the best shape possible for your stay.  To that end, we ask our renters to do the same.  We are not afraid to let our guests know that in between each group, we will be up personally to inspect, inventory, repair and help clean. So again, check us out for yourself, and if we don\'t answer all your questions on line...give us a call!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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