Beautiful Taos Mountain Home

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  •  Type: House
  •  Beds: 3
  •  Baths: 4
  •  Sleeps: 8


Beautiful holiday home rentals with 3BR home rentals plus Loft 5 Baths Sleeps 5 to 8. We want you to enjoy your stay in this beautiful High Desert country. The air is unusually crisp, the views across Taos Valley are some of the most spectacular anywhere in the world. The ambiance of this Holiday home vacation rentals adobe home elicits the spirits of sacred Taos Mountain just east of this vacation house. You are in very old Indian country with much spiritual meaning......we hope you will have as much pleasure being here as we have, knowing someone is here enjoying the beauty of this ancient land.

There are many trails to hike in the mountains, white water rafting,great restaurants, fantastic skiing and more art galleries than you can possibly visit in one stay. While you are here you should take the time to drive out to the bridge above the Rio Grande river gorge. It is a spectacular site....650 feet above the river. The gorge is an ancient crack in in the earth's crust resulting from an earth quake occurring millions of years ago when this valley was filled with volcanic activity. Along with the geological history the spiritual history of this area is awesome! The Indians have very strong feelings about their ancient lands and it is difficult to behere and not feel that spiritual influence.

In addition to the fantastic views and cultural inspirations....nature is always present with sounds of the coyotes, birds chirping, the wind in the trees and the endless panorama of the ever changing will never be closer to the Spirits of Creation than here! Many of you will have a hard time dragging yourself away from the views and the cozy fireplaces.....whatever your pleasure, please enjoy! For those of you who just have to stay in touch and want to do a little work we have an office which is probably the best view in all of Taos County! Feel free to use the office with it's dedicated modem line and an HP Office Jet Fax/Copier/Printer to which you can connect your laptop computer connect to the outside an added security blanket so you can really enjoy your vacation.

The fires in the "Kivas" (fireplaces) must be built in "teepee" style with the wood stacked to a point so that the flame is drawn up into the chimney. You will be amazed at the heat that the fireplaces put out....and as you stare into the flickering fires your mind will drift and all the tensions you may have brought to these ancient lands will melt away. One last word....the Hot Tub is set up on the west end of this holiday house so you can sit in the tub and enjoy the sunsets....which are spectacular....a glass of wine and your favorite lady....this is what it's all about!! That's it! Have a great stay.

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If these additional beds are utilized there will be an additional charge of $25.00 each per person per night.



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