Top Executive- 2 Bedroom Apartment

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  •  Type: Apartment
  •  Beds: 2
  •  Baths: 2
  •  Sleeps: 6


The Executive Apartments, Four Toronto B&B Apartments, are designed to give you the most comfortable, private and independent accommodation possible. They are located in a very central downtown location. All apartments are fully furnished and fully equipped with amenities to provide the best in efficiency and comfort. The original Executive Underground Apartment, Executive Annex Suite, two-bedroom Upper Executive Apartment, AND the newly added Top Executive 2 Bedroom apartment will provide living accommodation and parking for your short or long stay in downtown Toronto.
Toronto B&B Apartments a Unique Concept
Many of us have visited Bed and Breakfast establishments for vacation or even business travels. The usual locations are medium or large scale private homes, in which the owner has set up a number of bedrooms, sometimes with ensuite washrooms, to accommodate overnights guests. These guests may stay one or two nights or even a week or two, sometimes longer.
Very often the homes are attractive vintage or historical in nature, with perhaps, Victorian architecture. They are furnished sometimes with period pieces suitable for the home itself. Breakfast is often provided in a common dining room on the main level, where guests can mingle and chat over coffee and croissants, eggs Benedict or whatever is on the menu. It is often a very lovely and memorable experience.
The Toronto B&B Apartments do not provide this type of bed and breakfast experience. The idea behind a bed and breakfast apartment, as distinct from a single room, is that you get a whole living space in which you and your family do not share any part of your accommodation with other guests. The apartment has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen/dining room and a living room (with a sofa-bed), which is private to you and your companions. Furthermore, you have your own front door to the street and you have no need to go through any other part of the house. You are not only private within your apartment, you are private in your coming and going to and from the apartment. Go out as early as you like, return as late as you like. AND, get this, have your breakfast at any time you wish! Six in the morning, 11:30 brunch! Please yourself. The catch is, that you make your own breakfast! Your fridge contains some common breakfast food items for breakfast. You have the option before you arrive to ask for your favourite foods. The food is placed in your fridge and you just help yourself. You don’t have to make supplies last either, as items will be replenished as needed.
Self-Catered Breakfast
We call this concept, “Self-Catered.” We didn’t invent the idea, but a lot of people really appreciate the independence and privacy, especially when travelling with children. As you may have noticed, children can be somewhat cranky at breakfast time when seated round a table with a number of complete strangers? Privacy with just the family often makes the difference between a really relaxed holiday and a stressful morning with the kids! You don’t have to get everyone up, showered and dressed by 8:00 am to get down for breakfast. Just hop out of bed and put the coffee on, throw a few eggs in a pan and flop down at the table or back in bed in front of your 55-inch HDTV to watch the news or the DVD you didn’t finish last night, or put the kid’s cartoons on Netflix.
“This is the best place to stay in Toronto !!! Close to all interesting spots, located in a nice street, very calm. And the apartment is perfect : big enough for 4 people, you can cook your own meal, and the included breakfast is so good !! :)” Matthieu.

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