Top 10 Vacation Rental Websites for Listing your Vacation Rental Property

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Cheers to you! If you are reading this blog, as you are either a new vacation rental owner that is searching for the best strategies and the best websites for a listing of your property or long-serving owner that wants to earn more money from their rental or an experienced, but disappointed owner, which wants to find genuine options other than his or her current listing sites, so that you can make more profit out of your vacation rentals business.

We are here with the top listing sites, along with that the idea of what each one offers. And if you are thinking or looking for the top Vacation Rental Websites like Home Away, Trip advisor or alternatives to them, where you as an owner can get more business, then this blog is definitely going to help you.

We ourselves are a rental website, which has a good track record of growing in a short time span. Because we are offering our vacation rental services in almost all parts the world. Apart from that, we are offering the best facilities at reasonable prices. After all, a growing vacation rental industry is great for both owners and listing sites alike.

If we look at today scenario, what usually happens that the market big players merge and add smaller brands to their portfolio, Due to this the price of Vacation Rentals Homes go up, but inquiries go down. This is why owners do not feel good as their favorite product offerings are removed. Apart from that even if you are having enough budget and time with you. You have to work according to their consideration that seems like losing your ownership, which is of course not a good feeling at all. So, here we are to help you to find a happy medium working with the listing sites you know you need, without getting taken advantage of?

Global Travel Market Research Company such as Phocuswright estimates the private accommodation market will reach $36.6 billion in 2018. So, this is the best and exciting time for vacation rentals owner to create more business. Here, we are with a list of the top 10 vacation rental websites, to advertise your properties.

Best Vacation Rental Websites to get more business and profits.

In this era of entrepreneurship, there are many new sites launching every year, the following websites listed below are the most popular and the big market players, with having the huge consumer base in Vacation Rental Industry. So, let’s start looking who are offering what and how we can find the best ways to maximize and manage our bookings.

1) Home Away: –

No Service Fee Vacation Rentals USA



Home away is the leader in Vacation Home Rentals Industry. It is providing its services in 190 countries and has across 25 dedicated sites along with over-one million rentals listed internationally.

Now, in 2018 Home away has been increasing annual subscription by 25% to push all owners to a pay-per – booking model, even those who were associated with it during its starting years. According to this model, Owners pay an 8-10% of booking fee for each of their reservation. They have also restricted the communication between owners and travelers by limiting any communication outside of the Home Away site.

2) VRBO: –

no booking fees vacation rentals in USA



VRBO is the part of Home Away family and it focuses on United States rental options, and it is the best option for those who are looking for the popular American Gateways like Maui or Palm Springs, it has more than 200,000 listings based on the destinations dates and number of rooms, but not by price.

3) –

perfect stayz vacation rentals in USA



Vacation is also the part of Home Away family; it has roughly 300-600 thousand visits per month. Apart from that, over 80% of their traffic is coming from Canada and US alone. The mission of is to help families and friends for finding the perfect accommodations to enjoy their dream vacations together. These Vacation Rentals Homes offers more space, Privacy, Best Location, Attractive Themes, More amenities than Hotels, and all that at reasonable price.


VRBO vs. Home Away (What is the difference between both these sites?)

  • According to VRBO has over 734,000 listings worldwide as of 2014; Whereas HomeAway has more than 1 million listings in 150 counties as of 2015.
  • A majority of VRBO inventory consists of entire homes and apartments and most of its rentals have backyard, and average VRBO rental is about 1,850 Sq. Ft. Home away provides plenty of options, whether you want a home near a Golf Course, a Beach House, a secluded log cabin etc. for travelers in every corner of the world.

Home away Family: – Merits & Flaws for Vacation Rental Owners.


  • Offering more than a million homes worldwide
  • Options for instant booking
  • High Brand recognition
  • Secure payment method for properties
  • Detailed profiles, calendars availability, photos, including descriptions, clickable maps and plenty of guest reviews
  • Paperwork: e.g. Rental Guarantee, Damage Insurance and Cancellation Insurance all available.
  • 24×7 Customer Support


  • Expensive website to book or list property on, as compared to others vacation rental websites. Owner can either pay $399 or $455 for the year or pay a 10% fee every time they receive a confirmation.
  • No direct communication between property owners and guests.
  • Home Away, reward sites that have instant booking options in the short order. That means they will appear at the top of search, boosting their inquiries!
  • They charge extra cost from guests in the form of booking and Service Fees.
  • The cost of paperwork such as rental guarantee

4) Airbnb: –

No Service Fee Vacation Rentals USA




Airbnb is one of the big market players in the industry of Vacation Rental Homes. It was founded in August of 2008 based in San Francisco, California; Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to List, Discover and book unique accommodations around the world. It has over 200 million guests served in 61,000 different cities. Along with that it is providing the world class customer service for its users.

It is the unique vacation rental site as they were the original company offering “shared spaces” instead of only a second property i.e. the owner can be at home during the stay. This site is for those, who can offer a spare bedroom, couch, basement or pretty much anywhere. It also has a social component, where guests can review hosts and vice-versa.

Airbnb has around 110 million travelers visiting the website every month. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular individual vacation rental website in the world.

Airbnb: – Merits & Flaws for owners.


  • One of the biggest brand names in the industry with the most direct traffic – fastest growing with listings.
  • It has a nice security feature that is social, inclusive community where you can read reviews of your guests, before they book.
  • 100% free to list your property
  • Owners have option to list full home or shared spaces.
  • Well regarded customer service for both travelers and owners


  • Airbnb charges 6 to 12% guest fees that may turn away potential renters.
  • Very restrictive cancellation policies that turn away guests.
  • Infrequently bad press from parties, damages etc
  • They hold owner money until guest checks in; funds are not delivered right at time of booking.

5) –

perfect stayz vacation rentals in USA is new but one of the fastest growing vacation rental websites, which is getting the huge traffic in its short span. As this website is focused and dedicated to give its owners the best business in less investment. Apart from that is facilitating its guests with services such as:

–     No Booking Fee

–     No Service Fee

–   Unrestricted Communication

Getting huge traffic in a short span is possible for because they know what owners of vacation rentals on their website and travelers want. And they have the best policies with them, which are- No Booking and No Service Fee, which attract most of the travelers to it, as everyone wants to save money. Along with that, is providing its services in almost all the countries of world. Apart from that they are providing owners of vacation rentals, the best deals on their listing their properties at at very reasonable prices. – Merits & Flaws for Owners.


  • Subscription fees only – No Commissions or “pay per booking”
  • This website is offering its rentals properties in all across the world.
  • Save 20% on booking directly with owners and managers.
  • Attracting huge traffic because of its no booking fees policy.
  • It offers unrestricted communication between owners and guest.


 It has more than 16,000 listings of properties, which is comparatively less than other websites like Home Away, Airbnb etc. It is still in its growing phase.

6) –

perfect stayz vacation rentals in USA is one of the websites that is promoting No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals. It has over 19100 properties listing, which includes Vacation Rental Villas, Condos, Beach Houses, Cottages and Cabins. This site has over 3 million travelers from all around the world with genuine bookings all seasons. Along with that, Find American Rentals is offering the direct communication between home owners and travelers. Home owners do not need to pay any commissions on per booking. This website works only on annual subscription; so they are just charging the reasonable price for listing of properties.

Find American Rentals is providing its services is all across the world, where it is offering travelers to book the best property at No Booking Fee and No Service Fee, and because of this, they  getting more traffic and genuine bookings all seasons. Apart from that it has its maximum properties listings in the countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Caribbean, Central America, France and Mexico.

Find American Rentals: – Merits & Flaws of Owners.


  • Reasonable Endowment Fees;
  • No need to pay commissions on bookings.
  • No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals – This attracts more guests.
  • Offers direct communication between property owners and guest.


  • Find American Rental is one of the newest companies in vacation rentals industry; it has limited listings in the marketplace as compare to big market players.

Trip Advisor & Subdivisions

Trip advisor is one of the largest companies, who is working in all across the world and it has a vast working area. Along with that, it has been adding vacation rental companies to its business for over a decade. They were one of the organizations to see the opportunity rentals provided.

7) Trip Advisor Rentals

No Service Fee Vacation Rentals USA




Trip advisor is offering their Vacation Rentals services in more than 200 countries, where you can list your home with the world’s largest travel community. It is one of the trusted website internationally with billions of visitors a year that can be great for your listings. Trip advisor rentals have recently simplified the owner experience on the website, with one simple log in and ability to edit all your listings. Apart from that they are not changing any penny to list your property on any of its sites, instead of that you have to pay a commission to Trip advisor on each booking.

8) Vacation Home Rentals from Trip Advisor Rentals

No Service Fee Vacation Rentals USA



This company has founded in 2004 and basically it is England based company, who is concerned about the market on Northeastern US properties.

Vacation Home Rentals joined the Trip Advisor Rentals in 2014.

9) Flipkey from Trip advisor rentals

No Service Fee Vacation Rentals USA



Flipkey is a vacation rental company with more than 300,000 property listings around the world. Its top Vacation Rentals Destinations are Gatlinburg, Destin, Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Big Bear Region, Cape Cod, San Diego, Paris, Puerto Rico, Tuscany and Barcelona. And it is free to publish you listing on Flipkey. They deduct 3% from your guest’s payment.

10) HouseTrip from trip advisor rentals

no booking fees vacation rentals in USA



It is the latest addition in trip advisor rentals family and they are offering cost effective advertising. Along with that HouseTrip has more the 400k visitors per month that means good opportunities.

Trip Advisor Family: – Merits & Flaws for owners


  • It is the largest travel site internationally, with billions of visitors yearly.
  • Listing of properties is absolutely free.
  • Trip Advisor has a trusted brand name.
  • If you are having more than 5 properties for listing, that owner can sign up for a manager account.

Flaws: –

  • Providing poor Costumer service, according to owners and property managers.
  • Owners have to pay on every booking of their property to trip advisor rentals.
  • New owners listing their property on trip advisor rentals, have to face major issues for handling bookings.

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