Book your next south America vacation home with no booking fees

find cabin rentals in USA

  Welcome, to the Americas, the Land of the Exotic. Regardless of which country you travel to, Perfect Stayz South America vacation rentals undoubtedly offers the largest selection of accommodations and lodgings to choose from. The southernmost continent among the Americas right below Central America and North America, spending an enticing summer here with no booking fees vacation rentals is…

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Explore New York with perfect stayz vacation rentals

Every person in this wide-wide world fantasizes about traveling the city of dreams on East Coast. Did you also, always wanted to visit New York city? Well, we did. And it took us years to finally make it happen. But we did it in style with a perfect stayz vacation rental. With the largest directory of New York vacation rentals,…

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Six Affordable New England Beach Vacations

admin / February 26, 2018

There ain’t many a hype in this world that tops the vibe of spending a summer in New England. People keep returning here for those heavenly nicks of travel bits, from Cape Cod Bay’s scenic sands to the expansive, windswept beaches of southern Maine. New England comes alive for travel from the end of May and all through August. Each…

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Summer vacations in Vermont

admin / February 19, 2018

Looking for a breathtaking travel experience this summer? Have you visited the heart of New England, the state of covered bridges and dog chapels! Yes, we’re talking about Vermont. And the best way to thoroughly seep in the Vermont experience is with a short term rental. Our travel experts have shortlisted the most beautiful and cost-effective vacation rental properties, to…

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Top Ten Pet-Friendly Vacations in America 2018

admin / February 12, 2018

If you’re a dog lover and owner of a lovely pooch, i’m sure your furry companion undoubtedly is considered a part of the family! Chances are that you also hate it, when you have to leave your pet behind with caretakers. And especially, when it comes to planning a vacation with your entire ‘family,’ things do get a little tricky…

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Book from vacation home rentals websites with no booking fees and no service fees

admin / February 6, 2018

Attention all fellow Travelers, did you know – vacation rental websites are charging an extra-added “booking fee” from travelers! And its not pennies, considering the ‘hidden’ nature of this ridiculous charge. This extra “booking fees” can be upwards of $400, and in some cases even higher. Unfortunately, travelers everywhere have been unaware and grossly misinformed about these extra service charges.…

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Seven Cheapest Places to Travel in 2018

admin / February 1, 2018

Planning for an extraordinary holiday this summer. If you’re dreaming of sipping a glass of rosé in Provence, touring the Bavarian country or exploring the Norwegian fjords, then wake up to a sensational bit of news. Summer flights to Europe are expected to be the cheapest in the past three years, according to travel search engine Kayak’s annual Travel report.…

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Travel bucket list – The 6 events you won’t want to miss in 2018

admin / January 19, 2018

From Copenhagen to New Orleans, and London to Mexico, there’s an exciting and eventful gathering for type of traveler in 2018. But with so many amazing overseas destinations to choose from, picking out the best or the one that you badly wanna attend can get complicated. We’ve pulled together a listicle of some of the biggest, the most anticipated of…

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Travel + Leisure: Where to go in February

admin / January 12, 2018

The month of February is blessed with great temperatures, a sense of delight and beguilement aplenty. Countries across South Asia and Caribbean Vacation Rental host sensational carnivals and street parties, awe-inspiring island getaways and archaeological excursions under the most beautiful of weather. The ambience is just perfect for having an adventurous outing, hiking or trekking with great food and awesome…

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What is the Best Time to Travel to South America: Bonus Must See Sights 2018

admin / January 8, 2018

What are the most enticing of experiences and thrilling anticipations we have while vacationing in Latin Americas. What do we as winter travelers covet the most? Now that oughtta arouse the conscious and seek out the desirous travel ambitions from this exotic continent! Its the ‘Trinity of tropical elegance, darling scenic beauties and plenty of sun,’ that makes it so…

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